FWY was founded in 2018 in New York City in order to provide comprehensive fasting training and services that support and foster the health of our customers. Whether you are experiencing pain from weight gain, or simply want to improve your physical and mental mindset, FWY provides the resources to do so in a healing and friendly environment.

Yara Schraier

This programs that I created, I did it with a lot of love and passion. Fasting has changed my life. It has opened up my eyes, it has taught me more about myself then I will ever be able to explain it. It has healed me and taught me how to control myself.


These programs was created to surpass all your limitation! To see what you are capable of doing when you set your mind to it.

These programs was created to heal yourself, your gut, to give you back yourself. These programs was designed to bring you back to where you should have never left

and that is yourself!!! Your body, your mind, and soul!


The goal in this programs is to find your balance, to fit fasting into your life style. manage your self control, diet, mind and body. 


All plans are designed so push yourself, to connect with yourself and understand your body. 

Personal plans are available  upon request designed to fit your life style.

Fasting With Yara

Being mentored by me, you won’t lack motivation. I will be right there with you all along the way. I have been fasting for almost one year every day. So I will be fasting along with you everyday. Along with all our other fasting.

Results are guaranteed! It’s pure science, and how our body works. FWY program normally averages a weight loss of 2-5 pounds a week. When followed correctly. Even though in this community to strive for balance and not perfection. The weight-loss is guaranteed, weather it is in three weeks or three months. Among many other health benefits

Motivation and Results